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Kunoichi Tech Mama helps you with computer problems

Got computer problems?📢

No more stressful time spent in front of your computer!

  • Is your family get annoyed when you ask them about your computer problems?
  • Do you have your go-to IT person?
  • No IT support person at your work?
  • Scared of asking a newly met tech guy because you are non-tech savvy?
  • Do you use a lot of different tech tools such as WordPress, Wix, Google Form, Canva, Zoom, Facebook, Instagram etc...and want to ask one person to ask them all?

Why choose Kunoichi Tech Mama? 🌟

We help you with computer problems with a lot of love [i: アイ愛] and knowledge [chishiki: チシキ知識]

  • Kunoichi Tech Mama is female IT tech specialist
  • OK to ask small questions
  • We'll share the screen while asking questions - don't need to explain in words
  • Ask about any type of IT tools - Windows, WordPress, Facebook, Financial software, Booking software, MS Office etc

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Kunoichi Tech Mama IT Support Help Desk Service
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